People are debating the most 'perfect' television shows of all time

People are debating the most 'perfect' television shows of all time
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Everyone has their favourite go-to TV shows that they’ve seen multiple times over to the point they could recite them.

But one simple question posted on social media has got the internet debating what the most “perfect” TV show is.

TV creative Danielle Nicki posed the question on Twitter, asking what the most perfectly written TV show is, and the responses have ranged vastly.

Nicki posed the question with a scenario, asking: “You’re teaching a TV writing course. What’s the 5 ‘perfect’ shows you assign your students to study?”

In another tweet, she posted her own choices, stating: “My students will study: Breaking Bad, I May Destroy You, Ozark, Abbott Elementary, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (original).”

Other Twitter users broke their choices down into genres.

One person said: “Drama: Deadwood, Midnight Mass, Yellowjackets, Gentleman Jack, Severance

Comedy: The Good Place, What We Do in the Shadows, Barry, Our Flag Means Death, Only Murders in the Building.”

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Someone else gave their answers, along with an explanation as to why: “FLEABAG + TED LASSO, b/c they're perfect (largely due to comedy/heart/darkness balance)

“OUTLANDER (esp. S1), for how to make sex scenes mean something.

“THE OFFICE, for how to ground comedy in character + character evolution over seasons/

“PARENTHOOD, for how to nail a series finale.”

An actual TV writing teacher also pitched in with their opinion, writing: “I do teach TV writing! My students do half hours pilots. Here’s 5 (of many!) I’ll be showing in the spring:

“1. The Good Place (world building)

2. Abbott Elementary (structure)

3. Ted Lasso (structure)

4. What We Do in the Shadows (dialogue)

5. Girls5eva (humor, jokes)”

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