Persian cat with no eyes becomes viral star

Oldest cat to ever to come into RSPCA's care looking for new ...
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A blind cat has well and truly captured social media’s heart.

Persian kitty Moet, from Oman, found her forever home in 2014 after being rescued from a pet shop where she was neglected.

When she was just a kitten, her eyesight deteriorated until she went completely blind and had to have her eyes removed.

But since being rescued, Moet is happy and delights people all over the world by gracing their social media timelines.

Moet has amassed 82,000 followers on Instagram, 45,000 on Twitter, and 10,000 on Facebook.

And since Moet’s owner Emily started sharing videos of the cat to TikTok in early 2020, the eight-year-old moggy has garnered a following of over 640,000 and has racked up a total of 8.5 million likes.

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A video of Moet waking Nottingham-born Emily at 3am with her quiet meows delighted TikTok, and the clip received over 17 million views.


Blind cat wakes up mom with cutest squeaks 🥺 #blindcat #catlove #catsoftiktok

One commenter wrote: “This is the cutest thing in the whole world”.

Another said: “Not to be dramatic but I would die for your cat”.


Hang in there. #catlover #catlove #blindcat

Sadly Moet has had a few health scares in recent weeks, and five days ago Emily shared the news that they believe she may have feline calicivirus. Feline calicivirus can cause upper respiratory infections (URIs) or cat flu, according to International Cat Care.

Moet also had ulcers on her tongue and needs medication for her intestines, but she has been regularly going to the vet to receive treatment.

Despite her health scares, Moet is living life to the fullest.

In a recent video showing Moet playing, the on-screen text reads: “I am a very happy girl and know my way around. Blind cats can live happy, full lives, just like blind people can”.


What are the other reasons? From Chandie. #catsoftiktok #blindcat #catlove


Mama?? #catlove #catlover #catsoftiktok

Previously speaking to Metro, Emily said: “There are loads of blind cats in shelters who are unnecessarily euthanised every year because people think they are ‘unadoptable’. This is simply not the case, which is what we try to show so that more are adopted into loving, caring homes.

“As long as they are willing and able to provide a loving and caring ‘forever’ home and a safe environment for them, then they should go for it!”

People should be aware that adopting a cat with additional needs may require care over and above a normal cat, Emily said. But so long as people are aware of the kitty’s needs and adopt one for all the right reasons, it’s very rewarding.

On Moet’s website, Emily has shared tips on caring for a blind cat, and also sells Moet-branded merch.

All proceeds from sales go towards animal rescue charity Omani Paws.

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