Personal trainer impresses TikTok as she recreates ‘KFC Zinger’ burger from Aldi items

Personal trainer impresses TikTok as she recreates ‘KFC Zinger’ burger from Aldi items

The Zinger burger from KFC is a menu staple, but what if you could make a cheaper and healthier version for yourself?

Personal trainer and TikToker Bec (@bechardgrave) has impressed her followers with her own versions of popular junk food recipes from outlets including McDonald’s, Starbucks and KFC. Now she has revealed how to make an apparent replica of the classic Zinger burger from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Coinciding with the launch of the Zinger Crunch in Australia, Bec decided to remake this new burger which includes signature fillet, pickled slaw, cheese, jalapeño mayo.

But the TikToker’s burger has a twist – with the extra “crunch” coming in the form of some corn chips, reported.


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In the clip, Bec uses cheaper ingredients from Aldi – namely some spicy chicken tenders, fresh slaw, brioche buns and, of course, a bag of Doritos to give the burger the “crunch.”

After using an air fryer to cook the chicken tenders from frozen, the 25-year-old makes the buns toasty by placing them on a frying pan, without using oil.

The TikToker then describes how she replicates the Zinger sauce, telling viewers: “I used light mayo and Sirracha to make my ‘Zinger’ sauce.”

She adds: “I added my slaw and a slice of cheese and some Doritos for that extra crunch.”

And voila – a homemade “Zinger” burger.

So how healthy is the homemade version it compared to the original?

Bec’s burger is 456 calories, she says, while the original Zinger burger is 434 calories, although Bec’s version has two chicken pieces, rather than one.

Hers also include corn chips (14 calories per chip according to nutritionix) within that calorie count.

Bec finishes the video by saying: “You guys definitely have to try this one out, it’s delicious.”

Since sharing her homemade version, Bec’s video has been viewed more than 45,000 times, with people thanking the TikToker for sharing how to make a healthier alternative at home.

One person wrote: “Why does it look better than an actual Zinger burger?”

“I’ve always wanted a Zinger remake,” another person said.

Someone else described the burger as “amazing.”

Though others weren’t so convinced by Bec’s recipe and said they would prefer to just get the actual KFC burger.

One person wrote: “Nah, I’ll stick with KFC.”

“I would much prefer the KFC burger,” another person said.

Someone else added: “Why did you just ruin the burger.”

Either way, this hack has left us craving a burger.

indy100 has contacted KFC for comment.

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