This 9 question test will reveal your true personality

This 9 question test will reveal your true personality
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Learning things about ourselves can be a fun but eye-opening process that helps us understand who we fundamentally are at our core.

To do that, YouTube channel Mind Oddities posted a video claiming that answering just nine simple multiple-choice questions will reveal who you really are.

The video describes the quiz as a “short but amazingly accurate personality test” that will reveal hidden details about how you relate to others.

All you need to complete the test is a piece of paper, a pen and an “open imagination”. They recommend choosing the answer you most relate to, rather than the answer you think is correct.

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9 Simple Questions That Reveal Your True

The way you answer the questions can reveal a lot about your personality – the video goes on to explain each answer.

Your response to question 1 shows your attitude towards life. Choice A shows you’re deep and quiet. B shows you’re bright honest and likeable, while C means you’re practical and down to Earth.

Question 2 reveals the type of partner you’re looking for. A shows you’re looking for a partner that reflects your outlook on life. B suggests you’re a romantic and believe in true love forever. C means you want someone unafraid to show their intelligence.

The third question relates to how ready for commitment you are. A means you’re ready now while B means you’re OK with playing the field for now.

Four indicates your passion potential. A means you’re not interested in having a superficial relationship. B means you’re good at charming people and attracting interest. C indicates you always have a crush on someone new.

Question 5 shows your views on education. If you chose A, it means that education is less important that the world outside it. B means you consider education crucial, while C means while you might not be into education, you have plenty of great ideas.

The sixth question indicates your levels of ambition. A means have you lots of goals and are aiming for success, B shows you’re more realistic about your future profession, while C means your dreams may be slightly unrealistic.

7 shows your attitude towards success. Answering A means you’re afraid of failure before taking the first stop. B shows you’re confident about your ability succeed, while C demonstrates that success isn’t a big deal for you.

Question 8 highlights your worst fears. Choosing A means independence is vital for you and worry about being able to support yourself. B means you’re often scared of things outside of your control and C means you can obsess about how other people see you.

The final question represents who you are at your truest self. A indicates you’re mature and honest, B means you have a deep need for your own space, while C indicates you’re passionate about life and have strong opinions.

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