There are some seriously awkward pictures coming out of the G20

AFP / Getty Images

The world's leaders have come together for the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany - and it's proved to be exactly the photo opportunity we'd all hoped for.

Here they are all together:

But there are some far more interesting shots.

Like this one of Donald Trump and Angela Merkel:

And this one:

Picture:Picture: AFP / Getty Images

And this one:

Picture: Picture: AFP / Getty Images

So many pictures.

Luckily, the tactical chemistry between Trump and Vladimir Putin makes up for that:

There's this photo of Merkel giving the death stare, for good reason:

And here she is giving the death stare to Putin:

But here they are sharing a dirty joke, by the looks of it:

Picture:Picture: Getty / Morris MacMatzen

Here she is retelling it to Theresa May:

Picture:Picture: Getty / Pool / Stefan Rousseau 

And here's Merkel with Justin Trudeau, making us all jealous:

And, ditto, with French President Emmanuel Macron:

Picture:Picture: Getty / Morris MacMatzen

All the fun of the fair, eh?

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