What is the mysterious Pink Sauce condiment that is causing so much controversy on TikTok?

What is the mysterious Pink Sauce condiment that is causing so much controversy on TikTok?
Nando's customer finally realises how to get sauce out of the bottle

A new and mysterious pink sauce condiment that has gone viral on TikTok is causing controversy among internet users.

The brightly pink-coloured sauce is aptly named and has caught the eye of TikTokers with some citing concerns about the safety of the product.

Pink Sauce was made by the TikTok creator and celebrity chef Chef Pii, who describes herself on Instagram as “The Flavor Genie”.

The mysterious sauce’s unusual colour is believed to derive from dragon fruit, which is one of the ingredients listed. According to the product website, other ingredients include water, raw honey, sunflower seed oil, distilled vinegar, garlic, pink Himalayan sea salt, dried spices, lemon juice, citric acid and milk.

In one TikTok that has been viewed 7.1 million, the user cited concerns about inaccuracies in the product labelling and the apparent changing hues of the sauce.

They said: “If someone gets sick from this I am scared for the person who gets sick and the person who owns this business.”

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@slay has a great video diving into food safety and regulations for shelf stable products. #thepinksauce #legal #shelfstable #preppertok #cottagelaw

In terms of the flavour, some TikTokers who have tried the $20 sauce claim it tastes like a sweeter version of ranch dressing.

But, others have said they would not be trying the product due to safety worries. Some people who ordered the product have claimed it arrived looking and smelling rotten.


#pinksaucereview @PINK SAUCE QUEEN 👑💖🤤

Over on Twitter, the sauce is also making waves, as people mock others for buying a sauce online that has dairy and is not refrigerated.

One person Tweeted: “People are buying unrefrigerated “pink sauce” with no preservatives from a stranger on TikTok and are shocked when they get sick?”

Another perplexed Twitter user wrote: “I'm deep in this ‘pink sauce’ business and I cannot believe you children are buying sauce with no preservatives from a woman in Miami and shipping it across state lines during this record breaking weather.

“Y'all know we don't have free healthcare.”

Since the backlash, @chef.pii acknowledged in a TikTok that there had been a mix-up over labelling and that the team were working to fix it.



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