Woman sparks debate for listing 28 places she will not go to on a first date

Woman sparks debate for listing 28 places she will not go to on a first date
HOT TOPIC: Where not to take a first date
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A woman has gone viral for compiling a long list of different venues she refuses to go to on a first date.

The post was first shared on Facebook and has since found its way onto Twitter/X, and people have a lot to say about it.

“Here is a list of places women absolutely refused to go on a first date,” the post says, before acknowledging other women who added their suggestions to the record.

“Thank you to the ladies who reached out to help me on my list.”

Some of the prohibited spots include any fast food chain, coffee dates, ice cream dates, and even a bar just for drinks.

Here is the full list of places that are a no-go according to the post:

  1. Cheesecake Factory
  2. Applebee’s
  3. Chili’s
  4. Chipotle
  5. Olive Garden
  6. The Movies
  7. Your House
  8. Any fast food chain
  9. Buffalo Wild Wings
  10. Wingstop
  11. Red Lobster
  12. A buffet
  13. iHOP
  14. Denny’s
  15. The gym
  16. Church
  17. Starbucks
  18. Coffee date
  19. Ice cream date
  20. Family function
  21. Movie night at home
  22. Somewhere that requires a long drive
  23. Bowling
  24. Nightclub
  25. Hookah bar
  26. A bar for just drinks
  27. Waffle House
  28. Sports event

A repost on Twitter of the list has received over 18m views and 63,000 likes.

It quickly sparked reactions from people who criticised the list, while others gave alternative suggestions that didn't appear on it.

While other women also weren't a fan of the list either.

Elsewhere, an influencer says she demands to see men's bank info on a first date.

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