Passenger documents 'horrifying' moment his plane turns around above Atlantic ocean

Passenger documents 'horrifying' moment his plane turns around above Atlantic ocean
Delta plane loses tires after landing at LAX

A passenger aboard a Delta flight documented the horrifying moment the plane had to turn around in the middle of the Atlantic ocean because of a fuel issue.

On YouTube, Xiaomanyc, who's real name is Arieh Smith, posted a video sharing the 'scariest day of his life'. In the video, Smith explains he was traveling to Accra, Ghana when the flight was interrupted by the pilot.

As the plane was over the Atlantic Ocean, Smith said the pilot of the plane began walking down the aisle looking out the window to the wing of the plane.

"We're midway over the Atlantic at this point and he says 'we're going to need to return to New York' and he says 'the plane is momentarily going to make a right turn and we're going back'" Smith says.

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The pilot explained the plane had a fuel issue and they would have to turn around.

However, the sudden change in plans caused passengers on the plane to worry, including Smith. The YouTuber said everyone was clearly scared but there was nothing they could do.

In his video, Smith emotionally recounted how scared he was to never see his wife or son again.

What actually happened on my

After two hours of an anxiety-ridden flight, Smith said the plane touched down at JFK and a "feeling of relief" washed over him.

Smith, who's known for his multi-lingual videos, was recognized by the pilot who welcomed him to the cockpit to go over what happened. The pilot explained there was a fuel imbalance.

Delta confirmed to Newsweek, "DL9923 was returned to JFK out of an abundance of caution due to a fuel imbalance in-flight. An emergency was declared on arrival at JFK to obtain priority handling from air traffic control."

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