Beautician criticised for suggesting how she would change Natalia Dyer's face

Beautician criticised for suggesting how she would change Natalia Dyer's face
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An aesthetician is facing backlash for suggesting how she would change actress Natalia Dyer's face.

Miranda Wilson, who is a certified aesthetic nurse practitioner injector and goes by @np.miranda on TikTok, took to her platform to share her thoughts about what she would do if she were theStranger Thingsactress' "injector" in the since-deleted video.

The first thing she said she would "treat" are Dyer's masseter muscles, which are facial muscles that are vital in the chewing of solid foods.

"We all know how much I love treating masseters to help slim the face," Wilson said in the video.

She also noted that she would add chin filler to Dyer's face to "help fill out her chin and make her face more of a heart shape."

"Next, I would add a little bit to the lips. Just a little bit, nothing crazy; just a nice pout," Wilson said.

Afterwards, she suggested that she would do botox, among other things, to Dyer's face.

"We'd get in there and do a little botox. I'd give her a nice brow lift to help open up her eyes. And to top it off, we'd start working with some Sculptra.

"She does seem to have more thin skin, and we want to prevent that from getting thinner and create more collagen," she added.

Towards the end of the video, Wilson showed her photoshopped version of what the modifications would look like on Dyer's face.

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Wilson's deleted video has made its way to Twitter - and many people believed it was toxic.

One person wrote: "This shouldn't be normal. Ever. Sorry."

"This was awful!!!! Subjecting children to body dysmorphic disorder and self-hatred by someone we would hope will do right by them?! A doctor?! All for money?? This mercenary practice has to be stopped. Doctors are supposed to have a fiduciary responsibility to their patients!!" another added.

A third wrote: "This is obscene. In addition to the obvious point of offering to "correct" Natalia Dyer's features, the underlying emphasis on perfection and beauty as being the most important goal is disturbing. P.S. the injector (Tokker) is completely incorrect. Hate it."

Someone else who said that it's fine not to find someone attractive added: "There's no 'universal' beauty. These standards suck. It's ok to not find someone attractive. You don't have to say it. Especially when the person right next to you might think they're the most attractive person they've seen. Don't take that from them, either.

Indy100 reached out to Wilson for comment via email.

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