Prince Charles laughs uncontrollably while watching Platinum Jubilee pageant

There were all sorts of unexpected sights during the Jubilee weekend, with the British public celebrating in their own inimitable way.

But one thing no-one thought they’d see was a UFO during the RAF flypast to celebrate the Queen’s 70 years on the throne.

While most were too focused on the Red Arrows display to notice anything out of the ordinary, some people on social media claimed they’d spotted something very unusual indeed.

The event on Thursday morning saw the Queen joined by members of the royal family on the Buckingham Palace balcony.

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After seeing the spectacular flypast, some took to social media in the genuine belief that they’d seen a UFO in among it all.


Users highlighted a white circle travelling across the screen, passing by the smoke trails left behind by the Red Arrows.

One user posted a clip of the coverage on Reddit and wrote: “Jubilee UFO zoomed in. Thoughts?”

Another uploaded the clip to YouTube, captioning the video: “UFO SIGHTING AT THE QUEENS JUBILEE CELEBRATIONS ? UFO Passes The Red Arrows ?

Some seemed absolutely convinced, with one writing: “A spherical metallic orb ufo, they are making a presence now.”

Another said: “Just some Silent Observers flying by to show their props to the Queen.”

Some viewers were convinced they'd spotted something unusualGetty/Sky News

Others though, were less convinced, and had their own interpretations.

“I think it’s a bird tbh. Ive seen Some footage from another angle and looks like a feathered friend. The footage itself is being filmed at high speeds so gives the illusion of a fast moving object when in reality it’s probably just moving at a leisurely seagul speed [sic],” a user said.

“Lens artifact. It dips and rises with the movement of the camera [sic],” another added.

One more said: “It was a [balloon]. The angle of the helicopter and the planes made it look like it was flying fast.”

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