'Platty Joobs' divides nation as alternative name of platinum jubilee

'Platty Joobs' divides nation as alternative name of platinum jubilee
Platinum Jubilee marks Elizabeth's 70 years as Queen

"Platty Joobs" has divided the nation as an alternative name for Queen Elizabeth II's platinum jubilee.

The new term, which has trended on Twitter, was embraced by some as a sassy way of saying platinum jubilee, however, others seemed to despise it.

Journalist and author Caitlin Moran was among those who weren't fond of the title.

She tweeted: "The Platinum Jubilee being called 'The Platty Joobs' might be the worst thing to have ever happened in my lifetime. And yet ... I've started whispering it to myself."

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Sunday Times media planner Rosamund Urwin was also not impressed and tweeted: "And why did you divorce your husband?" "Well, he kept calling it 'The Platty Jubes'."

"Whoever came up with #PlattyJoobs needs locking in the tower / to get a knighthood. Can't decide," added UK pollster Keiran Pedley.

Someone else, who was bewildered by the name and believed it was the name of a new Star Wars character, wrote: "Only just sussed what #PlattyJoobs is. Thought it was a character in the new Obi-Wan Kenobi series for a bit."

Another person likened the term to another expression for taking a poop and added: "#PlattyJoobs sounds like a euphemism for explosive diarrhoea."

On the other hand, others absolutely loved the name and didn't hesitate to share it, with one writing: "Platty Joobs weekend is upon us! May your beer be cold, your BBQ meaty and the sunshine. Enjoy All! #PlatinumJubilee #PlattyJoobs."

Her Majesty is set to mark 70 years on the throne this weekend with an extended bank holiday, street parties, and events all over the country in celebration of her platinum jubilee from Thursday, June 2 to Sunday, June 5.

She is the first British monarch to reach that milestone.

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