Podcast host says he'd leave his wife if she got fat after childbirth

Podcast host says he'd leave his wife if she got fat after childbirth
Podcast host claims he would leave wife if she ‘lets herself go’ ...

A controversial new podcast has been slammed for a “disgusting” and “misogynistic” remark that claimed they would leave their wives if they gained weight after pregnancy.

Created by brothers Anthony Casasanta and Nick Casasanta with good friend Jason Girratano,The No Filter Pod prides itself as being “probably the most blunt podcast on this planet.” It’s no surprise the three male hosts found themselves in hot water for their nauseating comments.

During a conversation – that they had no place to comment on from the get-go – the trio discussed their partners’ bodies and how they’d feel if they gained weight.

A clip of the conversation was posted to TikTok and has gone viral with two million views with the comments turned off. It shows Anthony telling Nick and Jason: “If my wife lets herself go after I have kids with her, I’m going to tell her once.

“If you don’t get your s**t together, because I still want to be sexually attracted to my wife, my spouse, but if you can’t do that, I’m out.”

The trio refused to apologise and said the comment had been “taken out of context.”

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In a statement, the hosts doubled down and said: “We simply don’t need our wives to be overweight. We really feel as if society promotes weight problems which is a really unhealthy and uncomfortable way of life.

“We promote wholesome existence right here at NoFilterPod. It’s additionally not solely about weight achieved after childbirth, it’s additionally about psychological well being in addition to the bodily well being. We really feel prefer it’s crucial to carry spouses each women and men to a excessive customary.”

“We actually really feel because the video was taken out of context,” the trio mentioned in an announcement.

“We won’t be apologising.”

Goes for the man too! Stay on point!#mensdating #podcast #foryou #fyp #nofilterpod #nofilterpodcast #youtube #instagram #redpill #goviral


Goes for the man too! Stay on point!#mensdating #podcast #foryou #fyp #nofilterpod #nofilterpodcast #youtube #instagram #redpill #goviral

Goes for the man too! Stay on point!#mensdating #podcast #foryou #fyp #nofilterpod #nofilterpodcast #youtube #instagram #redpill #goviral

Inevitably, the comment riled up social media users with one keeping it short and sweet: “The podcasts gotta go,” they said.

Another said: “This fool has about 8 minutes to push out three kids and get his sh*t together.”

Alex Gentle, a body confidence influencer, called the clip “one of the worst things [she’s] seen for a long time.”

“So, a lady – your future spouse, God assist her – pushes a complete human out of her vagina and also you need her to remain skinny, or at the very least get skinny, immediately – and if she doesn’t, you’ll depart her,” she said in the video shared to her Instagram.

“What you’re saying is that while you get married, you’re not in search of a partnership, that’s not what you need.

“You need to personal and management your spouse. You need her to look and behave a sure approach – your approach – you need her to adapt to your requirements and if she doesn’t, she’s gone [sic].

“What a fu*king fool man.”

“That video actually made me nauseous. Thanks for being you and calling this out,” one hit back.

“The scary factor is him (and society) will in all probability manipulate his future accomplice into pondering that he’s proper. That if she doesn’t ‘snap again after giving beginning’ she’s ‘let herself go’. That is heartbreaking,” another commented.

Another added: “I can’t even touch upon this cus the outrage is simply UNREAL.”

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