Pole dancer goes viral after being booked to perform at a senior citizen centre

Pole dancer goes viral after being booked to perform at a senior citizen centre
Man recreates hilarious TikTok sounds with his unsuspecting grandma

A pole dancer was surprised when she received a booking from a senior citizen centre requesting her to perform for their elderly residents - and the old folks had a whale of a time.

TikToker and pole dancer Embla Bergli (@embla.pole) brought her pole to the centre and posted a clip of her performance where residents watched on in awe as she spun around and showed off different tricks and moves.

"I was booked to perform at a senior centre," the on-screen text caption read, and it seems her performance was well-received because the next caption read: "And let me tell you; they loved it."

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Bergli's routine appeared to have motivated some of the elderly residents because in the next few clips some of them take to the pole to show off a few moves of their own, from spinning around the pole to dancing a jig - each had smiles on their faces and enjoyed having a go.

(Hopefully, there were no sore or broken bones as a result).


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Since posting her performance for her unexpected clients, Bergli's video has received 5.1m views, along with 1.5m likes, and thousands of comments from people who were thoroughly amused at the wholesome event.

One person wrote: "That's HILARIOUS," with someone else joked: "which one are you."

"This is the nursing home I wanna be put in," another person said.

Someone else replied: "Grammy in the skirts was feeling it."

"Not all of them doing the Irish jig around the pole," a fifth person replied.

"As a Director of Active Living at a Retirement Home… my residents would love this," another person added.

Meanwhile, one commenter asked: "Does that seniors centre just have their own pole? That's the type of place I'd like to end up in."

To which Bergli replied: "No I brought it! But they should haha!"

Guess a dance pole will be at the top of the centre's shopping list, after the positive response from residents...

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