'Cop' mocked after crook scarpers up wall and hides in hilarious video

'Cop' mocked after crook scarpers up wall and hides in hilarious video
Police officers borrow boat to chase after suspect on stolen jet ski

A hilarious video appearing to show a police officer running after a criminal who climbs up a wall to evade him has been shared online - and prompted the cop to be mocked.

In the clip that was originally posted on TikTok, a man can be seen running away from a lone police officer. He ran down the side of a building and towards a dead end.

The person filming then panned the camera around to capture the police officer lagging behind, laughing “he’s out of breath”.

The absconder climbed up a drain pipe and could be seen hiding on the roof of the building while the police officer seemed bemused as to where he could have gone, kicking a bin out of frustration.

The clip was shared on Twitter by barrister Rupert Myers, who wrote: “Amazing video - how do they train these police?!”

Though there is scepticism over the validity of the clip, it didn’t stop people from mocking the scene.

Myers continued: “Policeman: - not fit enough, - has a hissy fit at the bin losing all credibility with members of the public, - doesn’t seek to gain any goodwill from possible witnesses by screaming at them.”

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Someone else wrote: “Jeepers, what a state on Plod.”

Another joked: “‘He's on the roof, PC Plod!’”

In other policing news, the Metropolitan Police was recently placed into special measures by a watchdog after a series of scandals.

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