Woman reveals hilarious Bob Ross-inspired way she revealed she was pregnant at 18

Woman reveals hilarious Bob Ross-inspired way she revealed she was pregnant at 18
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There's nothing like taking an artistic approach to a special announcement.

A woman revealed the hilarious way she announced her unexpected pregnancy to her family at 18-years-old - and a Bob Ross phrase inspired it.

Charity Grace, who goes by @charity.grace on TikTok, posted a video highlighting how she went about it relaying the news.

"Thinking about the time that I thought this was the best way to tell my family that I accidentally got pregnant at 18," the onscreen text said as Charity appeared to cringe at the memory.

Soon after, you see an edited photo of the famed PBS painter with his quote, "There are no mistakes, just happy accidents," surrounding a picture of trees, a pond, a pregnancy test, and an ultrasound photo of the baby.


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People couldn't help but be amused, with many taking to the video's comments to talk about how iconic this was. Some even shared their own funny pregnancy announcements.

"That's honestly amazing! Bob would be proud," one wrote.

"I was 20 - my friend and I showed up at my parents' house, put a hamburger bun in the oven, told my mom to check the oven, ran out and drove off," another added.

"I found a card at the dollar store that said "surprise" on it, and I wrote 'I'm having triplets. Just kidding, there's only' and gave it to my dad," wrote a third.

Someone else said that their husband used Ross' quote as well and wrote: "My husband wore a bob ross shirt with that saying to the hospital when our son was born."

A fifth wrote: "LMFAOOO omg I should've done this. I wanted the OB to type 'surprise shawtyyy' on the ultrasound, but I was too nervous to ask."

Indy100 reached out to Charity Grace for comment.

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