TikTok video from ex-inmate breaks down how to make prison cheesecake—and people can’t wait to try
Photo courtesy of @hollywood_jones810/ TikTok

A former prisoner on TikTok has shown the way he used to make delicious cheesecakes with few ingredients and utensils while in jail.

Uploaded by @hollywood_jones810, he divulged step-by-step instructions on making a prison-style cheesecake without an oven or inexpensive ingredients.

The ingredients are: Snickers, powdered milk, honey buns, vanilla cream cookies, water, and cream cheese, which can all be acquired behind bars.

To make the cheesecake, he said you need to separate the cream from the cookies, putting the cookies aside in one bowl and the cream in another.

Cookies separated from creamPhoto courtesy of @hollywood_jones810/TikTok

Cream separated from cookiesPhoto courtesy of @hollywood_jones810/TikTok

Then, in the same bowl you have the cookies in, crush them up to your desired consistency to make them into a nice crunch.

Crushing the cookiesPhoto courtesy of @hollywood_jones810/TikTok

Next, you’re going to add the honey buns to the crushed cookie mix. Pour a little bit of water into the mixture and knead it with your hands to make a dough ball.

Honey buns added to mixturePhoto courtesy of @hollywood_jones810/TikTok

Cookie mixture doughPhoto courtesy of @hollywood_jones810/TikTok

Add more water if you need to. Afterwards, place the dough on a flat surface and roll out the dough to look like a pizza pie.

Next, you’re going to mix the cream separated from the cookies earlier with powdered milk.

Cookie cream and powdered milk mixPhoto courtesy of @hollywood_jones810/TikTok

Once the cream and powdered milk are mixed, add cream cheese and Snickers. Mix it again.

Cookie cream, powdered milk, cream cheese, and Snicker mixPhoto courtesy of @hollywood_jones810/TikTok

Lastly, spread the cream mixture over the dough and let it sit for two hours before serving. That’s it!

Spread cookie cream mix on doughPhoto courtesy of @hollywood_jones810/TikTok

Prison cheesecakePhoto courtesy of @hollywood_jones810/ TikTok

2.2 million views and over 3,500 comments later, it’s safe to say people were intrigued and also eager to hit stores to grab the ingredients for themselves to try.

“This is hella creative,” wrote a commenter.

“That high-key looks good af,” wrote another commenter.

”You jail guys need to come together and open a restaurant lmaooo like ‘THE LAST O.G.’”

The TikToker, who has 15,600 followers on the platform, is a self-taught chef and motivational speaker per his bio.

Other platforms such as YouTube highlight other content creators who have been incarcerated recreating food combinations they tried, such as prison fudge and prison burritos.

Watch the full prison cheesecake video here.

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