Vincent Peone/Twitter

A man on a flight from Aspen, Colorado to New York discovered he was the only passenger on the plane and has gone viral after he captured the experience in a video.

The man in question, Vincent Peone, is a writer and director. He opted to switch his morning flight to one at 7pm and was stunned to learn he would be travelling solo.

Staff informed the director he was the only passenger and suggested it probably wasn’t worth making an announcement.

Peone disagreed and decided it was time to produce some viral content. Instead of dispensing with the announcement, the boarding gate assistant gets straight to the point:

Will the only passenger on this flight kindly board at this time.

The video continues as a montage to rival anything in any Rocky film and sees our hero ask an airline employee if she’s ever seen a similar situation in the past and is disappointed to learn this is not a first.

Weights are then added to the plane to make up for the lack of people and the onboard announcements are directly addressed to Peone. He is able to visit the pilots in the cockpit and thank them for their service, almost unprecedented in 2019.

Watch it below and vicariously enjoy the life of an inadvertent rock star.

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