Young woman being sexually harassed mid-flight by man - journalist steps in to help

Lowenna Waters
Monday 25 March 2019 17:00
Picture:(iStock Getty / Twitter )

There are no two ways about it, as a young woman travelling alone, there are a number of risks of harassment involved - especially from 'airplane creeps'.

When this journalist Joanna Chiu witnessed a man behaving inappropriately towards a young woman on an airplane, she decided it was her duty to intervene.

In a now-viral thread on Twitter, she shared how she was ready to go to sleep when she noticed the harassment taking place in the row behind her.

In the thread, she explained how the man, who was obviously considerably older than the girl, engaged her in conversation, which soon took an unsavoury turn.

When she heard him ask for a 'dirty photograph', she decided to intervene.

She also praised how the airline staff dealt with the situation.

And shared some of her own experiences of harassment from when she travelled as a young woman.

As well as highlighting that adults need to be aware of 'predatory' behaviour.

And praised the crew a second time for their vigilance.

She also said she was sure that the young woman involved would become a CEO one day.

While finally offering some 'bystander tips'.

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