People reveal the professions they'd never date and it's bad news for cops

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There are plenty of preferences to consider when dating somebody new, and a series of tweets is reminding people to consider a significant other's job before jumping into a relationship.

Kai tweeted out on Monday asking their followers, "do you guys have professions you wouldn’t date?"

With over 15k quote tweets and thousands of replies, users provided an abundance of illegal work and daredevil careers that they would not want their significant other to do.

But there were also fairly common jobs that appeared multiple times in the Twitter thread, prompting discussion between Twitter users.

Here is a list of the professions people would not want to date.

Law Enforcement / Military

By far the most popular answer amongst Twitter users was 'uniformed officers' or people who worked as police officers, detectives, and in the military.

Some users pointed out the high rate of domestic violence among law enforcement officers as a reason to avoid the profession entirely.

Other people cited their reasoning for excluding military persons from their dating pool due to the difficult nature of the job.

Others, like Bea, were more concerned about the violent nature of jobs.


It's a bad day to be an influencer. Many repliers included influencers in their list of professions they're not willing to date. Some insinuated that the nature of the career is too unstable for their liking.

Other people pointed out the lack of privacy inherent to an influencer's job. Unlike most 9-5 jobs, influencers do not have a strict line between 'professional' and 'personal'.


Another popular answer amongst repliers was politicians. People felt it combined the lack of privacy and 'fakeness' from an influencer's job with the pressure of a law enforcement officer.

Personal Trainers

One of the more humorous answers was gym trainers or personal trainers. Some people felt they may not be able to keep up with the healthy lifestyle of a professional trainer.

Medical Professionals / Doctors

Some people find the hustle of the medical field inspiring and attractive, others not so much.

"Never will i ever make a mistake of dating medical doctors," Twitter user @chichie_vee said.

One Twitter user pointed out the extreme difficulty in dating traveling nurses or doctors too.

Bank Teller

While bank teller was not a popular answer, one man had very good reason to avoid dating someone in the profession.

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