Psychologist causes social media storm for saying ‘lonely’ men need to step up

Psychologist causes social media storm for saying ‘lonely’ men need to step up
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A relationship psychologist said dating opportunities for heterosexual men are plummeting because relationship standards are rising - and it's caused a social media storm.

Dr Greg Matos wrote an article called "The Rise of Lonely, Single Men," in which he explained that men need to speak on "skills deficits to meet healthier relationship expectations."

"I hear recurring dating themes from women between the ages of 25 and 45: They prefer men who are emotionally available, good communicators, and share similar values," he wrote in the analysis published by Psychology Today.

Matos also addressed the three reasons men have difficulties finding partners, referencing the influx of dating apps, failure by men to "step up," and relationship standards.

He also said that if things aren't addressed, it can prevent other dating opportunities and cause "longer periods of being single" before adding that "emotional connection" is the "lifeblood" for healthy love.

The report also shed light on the growing issue described in a 2020 study that found loneliness is more significant in men than in women – but it quickly sparked reactions.

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Not too long after the article, there was a slew of posts on the topic shared on Twitter and TikTok surrounding the matter.


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Although women aren't shocked – they have been voicing "how low the bar is set" for years, which has angered many men who believe women are "too picky" and have "double standards."

Matos even took his social media to reveal that he was getting he was receiving "hate mail from men" due to his article.

The report also cited a Pew Research study that discovered men are now "more likely than women to be unpartnered."

"All I am inviting you to do; is just be the best version of yourself," Matos said.

Women weren't as surprised by Matos' findings, as many commended the study for showing a positive aspect of women's standards.

One person on TikTok wrote: "I'm glad we're collectively raising our standards. Good job, ladies."

"The fact it's a guy who wrote it is so validating," another added.

A third wrote: "LET'S GO LADIES. To healing the planet, society, betterment of relationships, and no more kids with trauma!"

"It's so funny that men were yelling, choose better men, for years. Women said, aite bet. Now men are increasingly single and lonely. The jokes write themselves," someone else added on Twitter.

Despite it appearing that some men are lashing out after being called out for adverse behaviours, Matos has hope for men's "transformation."

"It's going to take that kind of commitment to themselves, to their own mental health, to the kind of love they want to generate in this world. Will we step up?" he said.

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