Remarkable footage has captured the moment a quick-witted pub-goer was able to catch a dog who jumped from a pub window.

Luckily, punter Adam Ravenhall was at the right place at the right time and managed to catch the Jack Russell as it slid and jumped from the roof of the Mount Pleasant Pub in Kingswinford, Staffordshire on Sunday.

It all started when the pooch had been handed into the pub after it was found wandering the streets. The animal was kept in the flat upstairs until the owner could collect it.

But the Jack Russell had other ideas and decided to make a break for it which resulted in the dog somehow ending up on the roof before leaping from the building.

Neil Lacey, who owns the Mount Pleasant Pub told indy100: “Well little did we know that it opened the door, and then opened the window, pushed the window, got out the window and onto the roof and then that’s when one of the lads said ‘There’s a dog on the roof!’ I looked at the roof and thought ‘bloody hell!’”

During this time, CCTV shows Adam, who plays football for the pub team, looking up, noticing the dog and ensuring that he was in a position to catch the pooch when the inevitable happened, while the other man sitting at his table looks up in astonishment.

In a matter of seconds, the dog falls from the sky and leaps into Adam’s arms in a lucky catch that prevented the animal from picking up any serious injuries.

Speaking to The Mirror, Adam said: “The dog fell off the window ledge, and when it was trying to get back in the window it slid down the roof and jumped.

“I read the situation a mile off, as soon as it was on the ledge I thought ‘this can’t go right’.

“I just got into position, I went to where I thought the dog would fall.”

He added: “It would probably have died, it was just a small dog.”

Owner Neil, who was inside the pub when the scenes unfolded added: “As I came back out, I literally seen him land in Adam’s arms.”

As Adams attempted to return the dog to the ground, the adventurous pooch was having none of it and ended up landing on its head when it managed to wriggle free from Adam’s grasp.

Despite the eventful few minutes, just moments later the dog can be seen cheerfully running off and the pub confirmed it was “safe and sound.”

Within half an hour of being dropped off at the pub, the owner came to collect his dog where Neil revealed to him what happened.

“I said this man [Adam] has just saved that dog’s life and he laughed and walked off! I think he didn’t think we were being serious. But no doubt he would have seen it [the clip] all over the place now,” Neil said.

The incredible footage was then uploaded to the Mount Pleasant Pub’s Facebook page, with a caption that read: “ When you find a lost dog. Put it in the flat upstairs to keep him safe. This is what happens.....One of the Mount football team catches a dog jumping from an upstairs window.”

Since posting the footage, the video has received over 16,000 views, with comments praising Adam’s catch.

One person wrote: “Legend free pints for life he deserves.”

“He should be the goalkeeper,” another person joked.

Someone else replied: “Great catch luckily for the dog.”

“Hope the lad who caught it got a free pint,” a fourth person commented.

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