Doctor reveals what happens when you crack your knuckles too much

A man has absolutely horrified the internet after revealing that he uses the same bucket his child is sick in to eat popcorn out of.

The disgusting revelation was made in a tweet posted by Twitter user @houseofcarlyle and has brought up a slew of questions.

In the tweet, they revealed: “Every time a kid is sick I ask myself why we use the same bowl for puke and popcorn. I have money. I can afford another bowl. Yet here we are.”

The user inferred that they know they could get a completely separate puking vessel if they wished, but so far, they just haven’t.

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It’s fair to say people had thoughts on what they’d just read.

One person argued: “If you have time to grab a bowl you have time to go to the toilet. If it’s happening spontaneously, go sit on a pillow in the bathroom.

“I will never be eating popcorn at y’all’s house again.”

Another horrified reader replied: “I have NEVER used a bowl. I’d put a garbage can next to the sick kid’s bed in case they couldn’t make it to the bathroom.

“A bowl? A bowl that you’d use again for anything? Really?”

Someone else questioned: “why are yall puking in any bowl other than a toilet bowl.”

Another wrote: “every time i see something about people having puke bowls, i lose a year off my life.

“you could've used the garbage can, the toilet, a bag but you decided to use a bowl you eat out of???”

It is certainly a choice.

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