Purr-fect! New stamps capture cat quirks

Purr-fect! New stamps capture cat quirks
A new set of stamps features cats (Royal Mail/PA)

Royal Mail is launching a new set of stamps featuring images of some of the most popular breeds of cat in the UK.

The eight stamps show the animals grooming, stalking, playing, sleeping, staring and stretching.

Cats shown on the stamps are Siamese, tabby, ginger, British Shorthair, Maine Coon, black and white, Bengal, and tabby and white.

Cat stampsThe stamps issue features eight types of cat (Royal Mail/PA)

Royal Mail worked with author and animal expert Tamsin Pickeral on the issue.

David Gold of Royal Mail said: “These beautiful stamps showing cats being cats show why, as a nation, we are besotted with them.

“Their enchanting, independent and quirky ways are perfectly captured in these images that all animal lovers will adore.”

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