How did the Princess of Wales and Duchess of Sussex use jewellery ...

A new Princess Diana conspiracy just dropped from QAnon - and this time they think she is returning.

On Telegram, Reddit, and Facebook several people have shared a post where the poster claims to be Princess Diana returning from the dead and promising to reveal information.

"I spent 25 years of my life hiding, being scared, not having anyone to talk to," the post reads, "I did it for my children and for the people of the world."

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The post promises to reveal information in the "upcoming months" that "will shake your bones" including who died in the car accident that killed Princess Diana, who 'ordered' her to be killed, who saved her life, and who gave her shelter.

It ends by asking people to join a Telegram channel that they will go live on in "exactly 10 days" to "share the truth".

The post was seemingly created the days following Queen Elizabeth II's death.

It is unclear where the post originated from but on Telegraph some posts date back to September 12th while others on blogs back to September 9th.

The post went viral on Reddit and Twitter where people mocked the ridiculous theory.

Other conspiracy theories from QAnon about Princess Diana are that Barron Trump is the son of Princess Diana and Donald Trump, thus making him heir to the throne of the British monarchy.

They also believe former President John F. Kennedy Jr. is still alive and will come back.

Either way, no information from the fraudulent Princess Diana has been revealed indicating the post may be spam.

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