Giant statue of the Queen mocked for ‘looking like Colonel Gadaffi’

Giant statue of the Queen mocked for ‘looking like Colonel Gadaffi’
The Queen projected onto Stonehenge for Platinum Jubilee
English Heritage

A giant statue of the Queen has become the subject of mockery online, after being accused of ‘looking like Colonel Gadaffi’ more than the monarch.

A pair of huge terracotta statues of Elizabeth II and the late Prince Phillip are owned by proud royalist Ben Bennett in his Windsor garden.

The 12 foot sculptures originally came to the public’s attention in the run up to the Queen’s 90th birthday in 2016, but the pictures have been recirculating online this week as people prepare to celebrate the jubilee.

The unusual tributes are made with plastic grass hair, and they were found by Bennett at a house clearance years ago.

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He decided to display them in his garden and they’ve been attracting visitors ever since.

It just proves the internet can be a cruel place at times, as they’d been mocked for ‘looking like Colonel Gadaffi’ more than their source material.

“I think it’s meant to be the Queen ….. more like colonial Gadaffi,” one person wrote, sharing a picture.

The sculptures first came to the public's attention in 2016PA Images

“Lolz the queen meets gadaffi,” another said.

One more added: “Queen looking like Gadaffi is great.”

As Bennett told the Telegraph back in 2016, he believes the Queen may have even visited the site herself.

"When I first had them, I was in the front room looking out of the window and I saw five or six Range Rovers pull up. I'm sure she came to have a look.

"We've been flooded with visitors coming to see them. When children have their picture taken with them, the funny thing is the children always stand to attention. They've given joy to hundreds and hundreds of people,” he said.

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