Woman says train drivers need to adapt because the dinosaurs didn't and 'look what happened to them'

Woman says train drivers need to adapt because the dinosaurs didn't and 'look what happened to them'
Mick Lynch accuses government of being 'third party' in negotiations

Last night’s BBC Question Time broadcast live from Stratford-upon-Avon, where an audience member had some bizarre advice for rail workers.

With three days of national strike action by approximately 50,000 rail workers with the RMT union taking place this week, RMT’s General Secretary Mick Lynch appeared on the panel of the programme.

Among the talking points was the strike action which appeared unpopular among many of the audience members in the Conservative stronghold market town.

At one point during the programme, the discussion turned to how rail staff might adapt to technology and one woman used a pretty odd analogy to try and prove her point.

Host Fiona Bruce asked the audience member: “Do you think the RMT is taking the wrong approach?”

The woman responded: “Yes, and look what happened to the dinosaurs.”

Lynch replied: “Well they were around for a very long time. 130 million years”

The audience member replied: “They’re not with us now though, are they?”

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The strange comparison drew some puzzled responses on social media, as people tried to figure out what the woman meant.

One person wrote: “does she think they should have negotiated with the meteor.”

Another perplexed viewer wrote: “‘Look what happened to the dinosaurs!’ She thinks she's making a valid point. F**k. Me. Backwards.”

Someone else suggested: “This is like a surreal dramatisation of an odd Facebook comments section conversation.”

“The absolute most on brand for 2022 part here is that this woman thinks she is delivering a sick burn. The head tilt. The facial expression. The profound nonsense,” another person observed.

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