Did it rain 'worms' in China during alleged weather phenomenon?

Did it rain 'worms' in China during alleged weather phenomenon?
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Forget raining cats and dogs, people on social media are claiming a viral video shows it raining worms in China.

The “weather phenomenon” captured on film has been viewed more than 12 million times on social media, and on face value it looks very unsettling indeed.

The clip is believed to have been filmed in Beijing, with people claiming that the footage shows cars covered in bugs.

According to El Heraldo, residents have been advised to “carry umbrellas” when they go outside as a result.

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Since the video has been widely circulated, a number of theories about the clip have spread online.

First, people claimed that worms were actually raining from the sky. Another theory claims that worms were picked up by wind formations and deposited across the city.

Others were a little more over the top. One said: "I’m not a religious person, but this is some first testament s*** happening in China right now."

However, the theory that seems to hold the most weight is the one that states the objects aren’t worms at all.

In fact, some are claiming that they are actually seeds from poplar trees which resemble worms.

The blooms from the tulip tree do resemble earthworms, and if we were going to support any theory, it would be this one.

One account wrote: “Fake News! The things that fall from poplar trees in spring are not caterpillars, but inflorescences of poplar trees. When poplar flower spikes start to fall, it means that they are about to bloom.”

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