Man becomes a sperm donor without telling his wife - and then she finds out

Man becomes a sperm donor without telling his wife - and then she finds out
California man donates sperm to 40 women

A man

Posting on Reddit, he explained that he donated his sperm to make some extra cash without telling his wife. When he brought it up flippantly she was "shocked" and now they are in a big argument.

He wrote:

"I became a sperm donor when I was in college. I mainly did it just to earn some spare change and I thought I would be helping people who want children but for whatever reason are struggling.

"I met my wife in my last year we have been married for about 6 years and I don't donate anymore. We have our own children and everything is ok but a couple years ago we went through a rough patch and I donated again to earn some money.

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"I didn't really tell her because I didn't see it as a big deal and it wasn't a lot I got about $150 to tide us over for the week and we went on about our business. I forgot about it."

Things were fine until the unnamed man brought it up during a conversation with a friend who is having fertility issues.

"I brought up that I used to be a donor and my wife was more shocked than I expected her to be," he said.

"She looked visibly shaken but moved on quickly. When we got home she brought it up again and I explained the story and how I forgot about I over time and didn't see it as a big deal and she got quite upset saying I might have potential children I don't know about.

"I don't have children I don't know about because the only children I have are with her but she is insisting this is some form of betrayal almost? Maybe I should have told her? I am definitely feeling like a major asshole right now."

Reacting to his story, people thought he was in the wrong.

"Are you really so naive?" one said. "Even if you signed a contract at the clinic that you can’t be contacted, familial DNA testing is increasingly popular. So yes, while you are just a donor, that doesn’t mean the children conceived by your donation won’t contact you one day."

Another said: "You didn't betray your wife by donating sperm before you met her. But you know you should have at least discussed it with her while you were married or you wouldn't have phrased it as 'didn't really tell her.'"

But a third wrote: "I don't see why women are allowed to have a say in whether a man is allowed to donate his sperm."

What a tricky situation.

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