Woman makes husband sleep in separate bed after intense argument about vomiting

Cheating boyfriend in bed with his partner
Cheating boyfriend in bed with his partner
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A woman made her other half sleep in a different bed after they clashed about vomit, of all things.

Posting on Reddit, the woman explained her husband got so drunk after a BBQ he ended up vomiting in their bathroom sink. To make matters worse, he refused to clean it up because he claimed he didn't know how to.

She added that while she in general deals "with all domestic house duties" and is "happy to do it" she felt that what he was doing showed "straight up disrespect".

So, she banished him to their spare room.

"I was super upset after him feeding me excuses of why he can clean up his own vomit, he smelt horribly of liquor and was starting to raise his voice at me when he was explaining he couldn’t clean it because he 'had to go to work to pay for all the things we want', she said.

"To be clear, we have our own individual bank accounts and he doesn’t pay for any of my personal bills or recreational purchases," she added.

"After his exudes of why not to clean it up, I didn’t engage or continue with the argument because when you’re sober there’s no reasoning with a drunk person, so, I had asked him to sleep on the spare room."

Responding to her story, people thought she had been reasonable.

"How do you live that long and not know how to clean up your own puke?" one said.

"I can't stand people who drink irresponsibly," another said. "He threw up and he gets to clean it up. Not you."

And a third said: "He got drunk and threw up not you. He should clean it up. Some serious red flags with this dude."

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