Woman says she gave 'nice guy' a chance - and he asked her to move in on the third date

Woman says she gave 'nice guy' a chance - and he asked her to move in on the third date
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Everyone knows the saying, "nice guys finish last." It implies that the 'nice guys' get overlooked because women prefer men that treat them badly. But in the r/AskReddit forum, one user asked women if they had given the 'nice guy' a chance, what was it like, and the answers confirm that 'nice guys' aren't always nice.

They shared her experience with a 'nice guy' which started after she decided to pivot from toxic relationships to healthy ones. Upon her first date with a 'nice guy' who she calls Tim, she said she didn't find herself attracted to him.

"It was a fine date. He was nice and we had fine conversations. I didn't feel any immediate chemistry," the user wrote.

She told herself she would keep going on dates to see if things progressed but on the third date, Tim professed his love for her. He offered to take her on his health insurance and asked her to move in with him.

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The user was obviously shocked and confused because they hardly knew each other. So she let him down gently and they parted ways cordially, or so she thought.

"The next day, he posts a long, long rant on Facebook about how nice guys finish last, girls only want to date assholes, he opened his heart and his home to "this ungrateful bitch" only to be slapped with a rejection. He left it up for a few days and then blocked me," the Reddit user said.

Commenters sympathized with the user's experience, many expressing they too had similar encounters with 'nice guys.'

from AskReddit

from AskReddit

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