'Nice guy' goes on disturbing, misogynistic rant when woman selling iPhone refuses to give her address

Two of many creepy messages sent by the would-be iPhone buyer
Two of many creepy messages sent by the would-be iPhone buyer

*Warning* This article contains language that some readers may find distressing

A woman has taken to Reddit to describe her disturbing text encounter with a self-described "nice guy" she was trying to sell her smartphone to who turned out to be - guess what? - a total and utter psychopath.

Going under the name msamberjade, the woman got involved in a messaging exchange with the man after she advertised her Apple iPhone for sale on Facebook and he responded.

Initially friendly, the conversation took a sudden turn when it was suggested they meet up at a local Starbucks to complete the handover.

When his offer to come to her house was rebuffed, she explained that she does not normally give out her address to strangers.

He answered:

LOL because you're a woman?? LOL

She ignored this and tried to steer the conversation back to a mutually convenient time to meet at the coffee chain but he ignored the question and persisted:

TBH it's so silly the way you women are about men.

There's no reason to be scared of men and avoid giving out your address.

You can trust me I'm a nice guy.

And he was not appeased when she explained it was "not personal":

Just ridiculous the way things have become. The whole feminist movement has really made men the 'bad' guy when it really it's the woman that is fearing nothing.

Actually you are safe and women don't experience the harassment they claim. It's all bs to make me look bad.

That Freudian "me" in there is pretty telling for what's to come.

Having lost patience with the would-be phone customer, the seller accused him of mansplaining and he replied:

I'm taking the opportunity to educate women about the reality of the world. The fear is in their heads. I'm a nice guy nothing to fear.

After which - unbelievably - he started hitting on her...

Do you have a boyfriend by chance...

You're cute btw

When she didn't reply to this he decided it was time to go into overload.

Here is a perfectly nice guy trying to explain to you the reality of life. Trying to show you that your fear is the only threat to yourself and other women. Stop fearing 'rape' and things and you'll stop attracting the bad energy.

Let me come over and you'll see I won't rape you.

Then you can trust men.

She asked, in disbelief, if he was trolling her, prompting him to launch into an insane rant about women routinely lying about rape before becoming even more threatening.

I bet if I showed you the thick c*** in my pants you'd change your mind and want to be raped like you sluts.

You women ignore nice guys when they cross your path. Could've sold the phone and met a nice man but no you and your stuck up ways. Can't wait until this bs female nazi s*** is over. Go die whore.

After she ignored him - no doubt terrified - he continued to message.

I love it when the stick up bitches weed themselves out.

Have a good night trash.

What a toxic creep.

This story at least offers a clear moral: this woman was absolutely right to refuse to give out her address to a complete stranger and neither should you. Stay safe and if you're selling or buying anything online, always meet in a public and safe place.

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