Comedian and activist Kate Smurthwaite appeared on Good Morning Britain, where she sat alongside Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace to debate Januhairy.

A little bit like Movember, where men grow out their moustaches for charity, women across the UK are putting their razors and hair-removal creams down for January.

The movement was launched by Exeter University student Laura Jackson, and it is encouraging women to abstain from any kind of hair removal for the month.

It has drawn critics and supporters alike, with some calling it unhygienic, while others said it is a way for women to embrace their natural bodies. Smurthwaite defended her decision to stop removing her armpit hair.

She mused:

Isn’t it fascinating? As soon as women do something with their bodies, the reaction is, 'What will men think?'

Well, you know what? Maybe actually I think it’s a great thing.

Smurthwaite, who is polyamorous and has multiple sexual partners, has some advice for women and dating. In short: Let your armpit hair be a barometer.

One thing my armpit hair does is filter out the kind of men who think that’s important. As far as I’m concerned that’s an absolute plus. That’s a straight up win.

Already somebody in the vicinity who’s going to make a fuss about something as natural and normal as that kechung. Cheerio!

Piers was also having trouble understanding the concept of polyamory – the practise of engaging in intimate relationships with multiple people.

“Can I talk about your polyamorous thing a minute. I’ve never heard of this before. So you have multiple boyfriends? What is polyamorous?” Piers asked.

Smurthwaite responded:

Poly meaning many and amory meaning love. I practise ethical non-monogamy which means that I am not monogamous and everyone in the situation knows what’s going on.

He asked how many are in her “circle of non-monogamy", to which Smurthwaite said:

I have two or three regular serious partners and about five or six other guys I date from time to time.

Piers asked her again about Januhairy: “Do any of your eight men have a problem with Januhairy?”

None of them have even expressed an opinion about it because all eight of them value my warmth, my generosity, my creativity, my intelligence.

None of them are the petty-minded people who would get obsessed with something as normal and natural and beautiful as a few normal human hair follicles.

Says it all.

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