'I ate candy in such a childish fashion it made my husband panic'

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A woman has explained how the way she ate sweets led her husband to have a massive panic.

Posting on Reddit , she said she was "being a trash goblin" last night by staying up late, eating sweets and playing video games when the particular manner she ate neon coloured sweets led her husband almost to call an ambulance.

She wrote:

"This is so stupid and it happened last night and I'm SURE we'll both laugh about eventually."

As a child "I would lick [neon sweets] and smear the color all over my lips because hey, free lipstick!"

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Fair enough except she did the same as an adult and forgot about it, leading her husband to think she was seriously ill.

"Do not ask what compelled me to do this, but I did this last night with a blue one. Then of course because I am a trash goblin I forgot all about it, fell asleep slack jawed upright on the couch with the lights on and TV still going.

"Next thing I know there's shouting, panicking sounds, and I'm being shaken violently, and by the time I come to I see my husband fumbling with his phone.

"I kind of... flapped my arms angrily and said something like 'whazwrongwitchyou?!' and he said he had been "about to call 911 because he just walked out on his wife passed out with blue lips".

"He thought I was choking," she added. "He was pretty incensed when I told him it was candy, it's the dumbest thing I've ever had to explain in our whole marriage."

Reacting to her story, one person looked on the bright side. "At least you know your husband loves you a lot," they wrote.

Another said: "Now this was funny. I may have done the same."

And a third pointed out: "If he had bothered to start mouth-to-mouth, he probably would have tasted that it was candy."

All's well that ends well. The woman later added: "My husband has steadied his nerves and is now just ribbing me mercilessly- not just for scaring him senseless, but also because I've been training for a triathlon and eating really healthily, so this lapse was extra grotesque."

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