‘Creepy’ customer ‘leaves completely inappropriate message’ for waitress - alongside £750 tip

‘Creepy’ customer ‘leaves completely inappropriate message’ for waitress - alongside £750 tip

A customer has given the internet the absolute creeps by apparently leaving an inappropriate note for a waitress alongside a ridiculous tip.

Posting on Reddit, the anonymous woman who works for a restaurant called Moonshadows which is in California, shared a photo of a receipt the note was written on.

The customer had written his phone number and said “Beautiful nipples princess, call me,” alongside “the Master” and a name of what appears to be a suspended Twitter account.

The bill amounted to $128.89 (£93.45), and the man had also added a $1,000 (£725) tip on top of it.


Reacting to it, people were horrified by the man’s behaviour.

One commented: “I would feel so grimey receiving this message.”

Another said: “Total piece of s***, has probably done this in the past knowing the credit card system will deny the amount since it is higher than the bill, and they can’t put a lower amount because they have to put what is on the receipt. So he basically acted like a big spender, treated the server like s**t and got out of what should have been at least a $20 tip.”

And a third said: “Welcome to another episode of “I’m a gentleman”. I really hope the girl took the money and dipped.”

Some, however, thought the post was fake:

One said: “Yeah it’s awfully fake. But kinda funny for its ridiculousness anyway.”

Another noted: “The pen type appears different between the tip and total?”

Regardless, it is a pretty grim note.

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