<p>Roger from American dad would “probably would have multiple accounts, given the number of personas he has”, one said </p>

Roger from American dad would “probably would have multiple accounts, given the number of personas he has”, one said


Reddit lets users dive into just about anything. From showbiz opinions to hilarious memes and heartwarming stories, the site offers extraordinary content – which can be incredibly random at times.

For instance, has it ever crossed your mind which fictional characters would secretly have an OnlyFans account on the side? Probably not.

Well, now, there’s an entire Reddit thread dedicated to who people think would definitely join the subscription-based platform if they were real people.

The responses did not disappoint.

Jessica Rabbit, Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Redditors believe the fictional character would be in the top 0.1 per cent of creators YouTube

One Redditor was quick to point out Roger’s human toon wife in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Jessica is renowned as one of the most sexualised characters in animation: “My first thought lol. I like where everyone else’s head was but Jessica rabbit was an immediate yes in my brain”, one user commented.

While another suggested that her content would rake in a staggering amount of money, as they suspected she would be in the “top 0.1 per cent” of creators on the platform.

According to Redditors, she would create “totally innocent stuff like baking” as she “makes bank anyway because so many people thirst over her.”

Rubeus Hagrid, Harry Potter

There were questions as to whether Hagrid should take to YouTube instead YouTube

Hagrid on OnlyFans? We’re not so sure. That was until one Redditor added, “It wouldn’t be porn. It would be all the creatures he collects and would give us facts about the creatures in little videos.”

There were, however, arguments about the platform his content would be best suited to. Some suggested TikTok, while others believed he should make a YouTube account instead. “Hermione convinces him to just make a Youtube instead... more traffic, fewer blocklists”, one commented. In response, one keen user said they “would legit sub to that.”

Samantha Jones, Sex and the City

Some users suggested Samantha Jones would “do it for the kink” YouTube

Portrayed by Kim Cattrall, we can see why people would think the successful PR executive Samantha Jones would join the platform. After all, she did leak her sex tape to prove her relationship was real, “She would do it for kink because that woman is already successful”, one said.

One Redditor was “looking for her” on the thread as they believe “she’d do it for the fun of seeing how many guys want her and not for money because she’s already got that.”

While others disagreed, “I can see where you’re coming from, but I don’t think she would. ‘Honey, it takes the fun out of it if you’re getting paid.’”

Roger, American Dad

<p>Roger from American dad would \u201cprobably would have multiple accounts, given the number of personas he has\u201d, one said </p>Roger was a Reddit favourite YouTube

In a response that racked up a whopping 23.4K upvotes, people believe that Roger belongs on OnlyFans. One user commented that this was by far their “favourite” suggestion.

“Probably would have multiple accounts, given the number of personas he has”, another said – and we’re pretty sure they would all subscribe to each other to get the alien’s numbers up.

Regina George’s mom, Mean Girls

“I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom” YouTube

Another Reddit favourite: Regina George’s mom. After all, she’s not a regular mom, she’s a cool mom.

She’d “probably be in the top one per cent of creators too”, one commented.

Another fellow Redditor highlighted that her infamous daughter would also be likely to have her own OnlyFans account, “except it’d just be a blog version of the burn book.”

Zapp Brannigan, Futurama

Some Redditors suggested, “he’d force Kif to be a subscriber”YouTube

Redditors think the egotistical military officer from Futurama would be suited to the app, though “he’d force Kif to be a subscriber.”

One joked that “Kif would be the photographer and in some shots, you’d get a glimpse of him from a mirror in the background sighing painfully as he took the picture.”

“And he desperately wants Leela to subscribe to him”, another responded.

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