Republican politician tries to bash Biden with photos of empty grocery shelves – in Tesco

Republican politician tries to bash Biden with photos of empty grocery shelves –  in Tesco

Former congressional Republican nominee, Kimberly Klacik, took to Twitter on Wednesday in an attempt to bash president Joe Biden – and it massively backfired.

In a since-deleted tweet, the 39-year-old political commentator referenced Biden’s ambitious Build Back Better plan to “create jobs, cut taxes and lower costs for working families.”

She tweeted, “A look at #BuildBackBetter”, along with an image of empty grocery shelves. The issue? The shelves in question belonged to the British supermarket chain, Tesco.

Fellow Twitter users were quick to highlight that the display prices were in British currency. Subsequently, the Trump supporter has since removed the tweet from the platform.


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One said: “Uhm, why do the shelves have British currency on them? Oh because Kimberly Klacik is a gullible moron!!!!!! HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA”.

“Hey ⁦@kimKBaltimore⁩ don’t worry I screenshot this tweet you deleted trying to drag Biden using a picture from the UK. It’s pretty funny you didn’t notice the £ symbol! Great joke! Anyway…happy to help”, one added.

While another commented on the hilarity of the situation: “To be fair, it’s extremely funny because you think you’re qualified to be in Congress but don’t know the difference between the US and the UK.”

While others jumped on Twitter to defend the Republican, “To be fair. Build back better was a British slogan prior to Biden’s adoption of the phrase. Could be read as a vision from the future considering how we got Trump after Brexit”, one said.

Another said that technically, Klacik wasn’t wrong: “Build back better is in multiple countries. Have you looked at @BorisJohnson’s Twitter?”

This is the second time Klacik has taken to her 440,000 followers to complain about the shortages. Earlier, she complained: “Due to the shortages, both @dunkindonuts near our home doesn’t have donuts.

“My daughter is livid.

“Thanks Democrats.”

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