Restaurant apologises to man who walked in heavy snow to eat there only for it to be closed

Restaurant apologises to man who walked in heavy snow to eat there only for it to be closed

From time to time, we all crave a takeaway - but one man has shown his serious customer dedication (and hunger) after trekking through the treacherous snowy weather to score some food... only for the restaurant to be closed.

Toronto recently had a historic winter snowstorm that led to drivers getting stuck on the roads after over 36 cm of snow fell in the area, CBC reported.

Despite the extreme weather conditions, it seems someone was determined to enjoy some Caribbean cuisine as they braved the elements to travel to Nicey's Eatery and arrived at the restaurant on foot, stomping their way through the heavy snow.

However, upon arrival, the customer sporting a winter jacket with a facemask would soon realise that the restaurant was closed due to the snow as security footage showed the person dramatically falling to their knees in disappointment before they turned back around left the premises.

As Nicey's Eatery managed to capture CCTV footage of the dedicated customer on video, they posted it to their Instagram account on January 18th with the hope of finding the person who braved the snow for their food in order to reward their dedication with free food.

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In the post, they apologised to the customer and wrote: "To our loyal customer, we don't know who you are but we will be looking out for you. We are terribly sorry the restaurant was closed. We feel your disappointment and hope to see you soon. What ever you had on your mind to purchase today, that meal is on us."

Valerie Lai, the owner of Nicey's Eatery, told Narcity: "It's heartwarming to know our food means so much to him."

She shared her "total disbelief" at the fact that "someone would venture out of the house to get food" in these harsh conditions.

Since posting the appeal for the mysterious dedicated customer, the post has received thousands of likes and plenty of comments from people praising the restaurant's gesture and hoping that the person can be identified.

One person wrote: "So kind of you Niceys! I feel for him!"

"I really really hope he Follows you on IG and see this !!!!!!!!!!!! DUDE WHERE ARE YOU?" another person said.

Someone else added: "Now I must try your food! If he went that hard for a plate. I must try!"

"Nothing better than a good Caribbean meal to soothe the soul on a cold wintery day! Feel you bro," a fourth person replied.

Some good news for the customer, as Nicey's Eatery has reopened after they posted a video showing staff shovelling away the snow.

Let's hope the mystery customer is identified and gets the meal that they were craving.

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