Horrifying moment shows revellers crash through top of bus stop on to people below

Horrifying moment shows revellers crash through top of bus stop on to people below
London's Notting Hill carnival gears up for return amid surging cost of ...

Alarming footage showed Notting Hill Carnival partygoers standing on top of a bus stop before they fell onto a group of people below.

In a video uploaded to Twitter on Sunday (28 August), the revellers can be seen dancing and having a good time waving flags representing African and Caribbean countries atop the stop in Ladbroke Grove.

But then, the top of the bus stop gave way, nearly crushing four people below as people gasped in shock.

"And that wraps it up for summer 22," the video's caption read.

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People took to the comments section of the post to also share their surprise and pass jokes at the unfortunate moment.

"What were they thinking," one person asked, while another added: "Damn girl in the blue is hurt fr smh."

A third wrote: "It's officially 'Fall' now," another added.

Someone else simply added: "Like, of course, that was gonna happen!"

Two people that day suffered minor injuries and didn't need further treatment at the end of the situation, which came towards the end of "family day."

It saw bright and dazzling costumes as the event returned for the first time since 2019.

Scotland Yard had also revealed on Monday (29 August) that officers made 76 arrests - including 19 for assault, four for sexual assault and grievous bodily harm, and 10 for possession of an offensive weapon.

Footage also showed two men punching each other before being broken apart by others after people around them were dancing and singing "Don't Worry About A Thing" to Bob Marley's Three Little Birds.

Additionally, a police horse died on duty on Sunday after collapsing at around 9pm.

It received emergency care but died at the scene.

Officers said it's too early to determine the cause of death.

The total number of arrests at the 2019 event was 353, compared to 374 in 2018, 313 in 2017, and 454 in 2016.

The Notting Hill carnival first started in 1966 and is a popular way for African and Caribbean communities to celebrate their culture and traditions.

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