<p>TikTok user Kristina revealed her ‘interesting tactic for revenge’</p>

TikTok user Kristina revealed her ‘interesting tactic for revenge’


A woman has divided opinion across TikTok after she revealed how she’s been getting her own back against her ex for the past five years.

The user, Kristina, explained her sneaky tactics in response to a request to share “something incredibly immature that you will never stop doing”.

“Ever since my ex and I broke up in 2016 I’ve had a very interesting tactic for revenge,” she said.

“My revenge comes in the form of an email newsletter.”

This means that “if I’m in an airport and I need an email use their wifi: I give them his,” she admitted. “If I want to read an article but they need an email, I send them his.”

She went on to confess that she signs him up for all updates on “events happening” when asked by different companies, and signs him up for all “topics of interest.”

In other words, she signs him up for every mailing list and subscription she can find, and he hasn’t a clue why it’s happening.

“And I will literally never stop doing it,” she ended her clip.

It has now racked up more than 6.2 million views and 720,000 likes, as fellow TikTokers rushed to offer their take on Kristina’s elaborate ploy.

The TikToker said she would never give up her dastardly schemekristinamakescontent/TikTok

“Totally psycho but so impressive to have a diabolic mind like this,” one commented.

“Thanks for the tip, girl,” wrote another.

“Okay, which of my ex’s did this to me?” a third asked. “I’m blocking emails daily and still get more the next day.”

While a fourth joked: “I don’t even wanna do this for revenge, I just wanna do this to save my inbox.”

Kristina then replied: “Honestly I think revenge was the wrong word! Convenience fits much better.”

However, a number of users questioned what the boyfriend could have done to warrant such a campaign against him.

“Girl, what did he do that you’re still mad five years later???” one asked.

Some said it implied that Kristina was still not over her former love and they felt “sad” for her.

“Tell me you didn’t get over your ex without telling me,” one wrote.

While another suggested: “This says she’s stuck and won’t move on. I feel sad for her, not him.”

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