Man’s ‘petty’ revenge on thoughtless neighbours delights TikTok

<p>TikToker Luke Fosburg shared the lengths his neighbours are going to get one up on each other</p>

TikToker Luke Fosburg shared the lengths his neighbours are going to get one up on each other


Domestically-speaking, there are few things that grind our gears quite as much as a noisy neighbour.

Which is why one man is being praised for taking matters into his own hands after his neighbours kept setting off fireworks late at night.

Posting on TikTok, Luke Fosburg told how another of his annoyed neighbours set up a morning alarm to go off through a PA system on their street to give the nuisance neighbours up a rude awakening.

To ensure residents got the message loud and clear, the alarm was set off at 5.55am

Fosburg shared a TikTok of the alarm and explained: “The neighbour a few houses down made his alarm go through a PA system to wake up the whole neighbourhood at 5.55 AM to get back at everyone for shooting fireworks all night...every night.”

He also added in the caption that “no one can find the alarm to shut it off.”

Sounds like mission accomplished for the revenge mastermind.

The TikTok has so far received 3.7m views and more than 800,000 likes with thousands of comments from people praising the neighbour’s stunt. You can watch the video in full here.

One person said: “That’s such a polite alarm though. Where’s the air raid sirens? The bugles? The WAH WAH WAH of the 90’s alarm clocks.”

“Y’all were playing checkers... he was playing chess,” another person wrote.

Someone else replied: “Should have just recorded the sounds of the fireworks and just played it back.”

Another joked: “Tell me you live in a petty neighbourhood without telling me.”

Meanwhile, after the viral success of the first upload, the TikToker updated his followers.

Clearly, residents weren’t impressed with the neighbour’s antics and decided to get revenge of their own.

In the next video, Fosburg said his neighbours then “waged war” against the PA system, with the clip showing them setting off fireworks.

The TikToker updates his followers on the latest anticsTikTok/lukefosburg

Fosburg elaborates in another video, posted at 1am, saying “the neighbourhood has not let up since 8.30”. He adds: “I don’t even know how anyone has this many fireworks.”You can watch the video in full here.

By the next day, things appear to have escalated and Fosburg reports that, despite no early morning alarm, “several people left late last night to stay with friends or at a hotel.”

A funny comeback, sure – but it doesn’t look like it’s quite resolved this neighbourhood’s problem yet...

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