Sedan with burning wheel drives on road in China

We've all reacted badly to situations. We've all done stuff that we've immediately regretted and wished that we could go back and change the past.

But one driver in Arizona took it to a new level.

Kisschin Purp (@kisschinxo) detailed a concerning encounter that her friend had with another driver near (not-so) Happy Valley, in Arizona.

Kisschin says that the driver was driving erratically, almost causing a car accident with her friend. She then reveals that while stopped at a red light, he got out of his car to taunt Kisschin's friend, even pulling down his trousers to moon her in full view of the traffic behind them.

"Like how old are you? You look like you're 45", says Kisschin.

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Going into further detail, Kisschin explains that her friend was trying to merge into the lane that he was in, and that he "didn't like that she was in front of him".

In a warning to all drivers in Pheonix, Arizona, Kisschin says "please beware of this guy. Drive safe".


Reply to @nattygirl311 watch until the end. #FrunktheBeat #phxaz #arizonacheck #northphoenix #norterra #baddrivers

Commenters on the video claim that the culprit's name is Jeff, prompting Kisschin to post a follow-up TikTok showing the video that her friend took of her encounter with Jeff. The footage shows him waving at the camera and smiling like he's sending his kid off to school, before quickly turning around and flashing his bum to the driver. Fortunately for us, Kisschin covers up his rear with an emoji, but Jeff is obviously a pro in the art of mooning.

Commenters also claim that such behaviour is common in Arizona, with one user commenting "sounds like casual Arizona drivers". Maybe Arizona is trying to rival Florida for "Most Whack State in America"?

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