Rugby fan flashes breasts at cameras during live news report

Rugby fan flashes breasts at cameras during live news report
Woman flashing crowd leads to wild brawl at Supercross event
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Live broadcasts always pose the risk of unexpected blunders – as for sporting events, well... anything can happen.

ABC sports journalist Jessica Stewart took to the screen from Optus Stadium in Perth on Sunday in the run-up to the State of Origin Game II.

Things were going seemingly well as Stewart spoke with news presenter Gemma Veness about the game's atmosphere and the fans. That was until a woman, sporting a Maroons beanie hat and scarf, jumped into the shot, lifted up her crop top and flashed the ABC viewers.

Veness remained professional, completely disregarding what had just happened. Meanwhile, Stewart wasn't aware of the flasher behind her.

The ABC camera crew caught another raw moment while on-air. As they showed footage of fans entering the stadium, one fan yelled: "Up the f***ing Blues!"

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Woman flashes her breasts during ABC news broadcast in

Across the pond, in the US, outspoken representative and notorious conspiracy theorist Marjorie Taylor Greene experienced an on-air blunder herself.

In an address to the House floor on 10 June, the Republican minced her words. Rather than saying rights had been "flagrantly violated", Greene instead said "fragrant" – and Twitter found it hilarious.

“…and why their due process rights are being so fragrantly and horrifically violated,” she says in a clip, which has been shared far and wide on social media.

Greene certainly doesn't shy away from controversy, leading one user to conclude "that Marjorie Three Toes does this on purpose in order to go viral."

Another joked: "Something smells off… can’t tell what it is..."

"The two things I'm most allergic to are anything scented and mind-blowing stupidity," a third added.

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