A Russian Zoo is suing because someone made an 'erotic' video with one of their raccoons

YouTube / Art-Msk

A zoo in Moscow is suing a video studio after it hired one of the zoo’s raccoons and made an apparently, er, “erotic” video.

The zoo sometimes rents its animals to filmmakers, and did so in this case for what they were told was an advert. The zoo later saw the footage on social media, however, and saw that it featured a naked model.

The video company, Art-Msk, said the lawsuit is “absurd,” and that the raccoon stole a model’s bra while on set.

Its marketing manager, Valery Bogatov, said it wasn’t an erotic video because it was set to be broadcast on television, according to website TJ.

A spokesperson from the zoo said that when Thomas returned from the shoot, he became “sad” and started reaching for women’s breasts. This apparently suggests that, during filming, they must have put out some treats for Thomas, and he then associated treats with breasts.

Spokeman Viktor Kiryukhin, told BBC News:

We noticed he was attracted to women's breasts.

He added that using animals in this was is immoral.

There's only one raccoon we can imagine doing such a thing.

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