Elon Musk's descent from respected but slightly eccentric technology entrepreneur to the punch line of many social media jokes is one of the most fascinating news stories of 2018.

Whether he is being roasted by Azealia Banks, scientists or divers trying to rescue boys from a cave in Thailand, the South African has found himself being attacked from all sides, as of late.

Now, it has emerged that not only is he being mocked on Russian Twitter, but he has become an infectious meme where people ask the Tesla and SpaceX CEO if they like their unique life hacks or 'inventions'.

This sensation was apparently discovered by Twitter user @andromedamn. All of the tweets contain "how do you like this, Elon Musk?" and then feature a picture of their hack, which ranges from a light bulb secured by a bike lock or a man wearing a toilet seat as a makeshift shelf for his drink.

That tweet soon went viral and people have been digging out other tweets from Russians that have been sent to Musk and they are something to behold.

Thanks to Russia Beyond, here are some of the best examples of this meme, with a rough translation or description of what we can see.

This man appears to have invented some sort of protector for his car using cardboard boxes.

Next up, here is a way of keeping a door held open using nothing more than a plastic bag.

This is a wine stopper or cork that has been wedged under a cooking pot lid, presumably to prevent the chef from burning themselves.

A glow in the dark toilet, just in case you have to visit a bathroom shrouded in darkness. Seems handy.

How about these tiny shoes? Elon Musk surely couldn't invent these.

A very useful way of dealing with potholes appears to be filling them with freshly mowed grass offcuts.

Broken boot zip? Just attach a paper clip. Problem solved. How do you like that Mr. Musk?

This one apparently says: "While Elon Musk waits for coffee, I pour mine straight from the tap."

If you want to brew your own coffee but don't have the required equipment just use a funnel wedged between two glasses.

Elon Musk is yet to respond to any of these 'inventions' but we imagine he'll try to stick at least one of them in a Tesla car when he sees them.

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