Sacked Sainsbury's delivery driver goes viral after calling his job 'easy'

Sacked Sainsbury's delivery driver goes viral after calling his job 'easy'
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A Sainsbury’s delivery driver has allegedly been sacked after making a TikTok video explaining how “easy” his job is.

19-year-old Ollie Tutt from East Sussex said his delivery gig is the “easiest job” he’s ever had, and added that he doesn’t “do much”.

The popular clip, uploaded on 24 March, has received 3.9 million views.

He said: “If you want an easy job, just go and work at Tesco, Sainsbury and do this delivering s***.

“It is possibly the easiest job I've ever had, the best paying job I've ever had, and I actually get looked after.”

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He said he has to do 20 deliveries a day, adding: “I don’t do much, I just sit on the side of the road waiting to do these drops.”

"The customers are great, he said, and despite feeling like he’s just a number to the company he said it’s “the sickest job”.


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A day after he uploaded the clip, he commented: “My boss is asking me to remove this video”.

Five days ago, he wrote: “It’s been a week and I’ve been dismissed for gross misconduct and disrepute. Definitely caused some damage lol.”

A day after the original upload, he shared a clip titled: “Nearly got sacked”.

In it, he said his store manager wasn’t pleased with the swearing in his original video.

And eventually, he was officially sacked.

In a clip uploaded four days ago, he said: “Yep I got sacked and now I am worried about how I am going to pay my rent in a week.

“It was disrepute and policy breaking that I lost my job for and you were all right saying I was going to lose my job.”

He also alleged that the company told him he didn’t “care enough” about the situation.

He continued: “It’s not a big deal, like they are a multi-billion pound company and they care about a single video.

“Yep you were all right about me losing my job, well done, f*** yourself. Now I am going to apply for new jobs.”

In a statement to Indy100, a Sainsbury’s spokesperson said: “We are unable to discuss individual colleague cases. Any decision to review a colleague’s employment is not taken lightly and based on a range of factors.

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