Salt Bae reveals his voice for the first time and fans are surprised

We all know who Salt Bae is after his unique seasoning technique took the internet by storm back in 2017 - but have you ever heard the famous chef talk?

Well, now you can hear what Salt Bae – real name Nusret Gökçe - actually sounds like after he posted a video to Instagram declaring his love for London.

In his latest post to his 40m followers, he began the video by rolling up his sleeves and saying: “Hold on, hold on. I wanna say something about London.”

He then went on to rave about the capital: “London is my big dream. Some day, next day, every day. All the time. I love London.”

“London is different,” Salt Bae added.

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The cameraman filming the chef then asked him how his English was coming along, to which Salt Bae answered: “My English almost like a British.”

He then mimics us Brits by saying “You know” and “cheers” and then ended his video telling his followers: “Hope to see you soon London.”

Since posting his tribute to the Brits yesterday (12 November), his video has received over 4.5m views and has left fans surprised after hearing the chef’s voice for the first time.

One person said: “First time I heard this guy speak”

“I love you but what the hell are you talking about?” another puzzled person asked.

While others seemed to prefer Salt Bae’s unusual seasoning methods to his talking.

One person said: “I think it’s best if he never talks.”

“Don’t talk, just cut the meat,” another person wrote.

Someone else added: “Why talk like that so cringeeee.”

Earlier this year the Turkish chef opened a restaurant called Nusr-Et in Knightsbridge, London and it has been grabbing headlines recently over the eye-watering prices at his new London after a customer shared a receipt allegedly from the restaurant of a giant tomahawk steak priced at £630 and single Red Bull costing £11.

Just six weeks after opening the restaurant, it was reported that Salt Bae will be leaving his expensive London restaurant and is packing his bags to move to the warmer climate of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where he will open up his 28th restaurant.

In an Instagram post last week he explained: “Sunday is my last day in London. I will go to Riyadh to open my 28th restaurant.

“Sunday is my last day in Lovely London. I want to see you beautiful people before I go.”

So perhaps Salt Bae’s latest video was to reassure British diners of his love for London?

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