<p>TikToker Lauren has shared her speedy hack for making sandwiches</p>

TikToker Lauren has shared her speedy hack for making sandwiches


Whether you’re a parent making lunch for your kids, or someone creating a delicious midday snack for yourself, your housemate or a loved one, preparing lunches every single day can become rather time consuming (especially when you’re WFH and can’t just pop to Pret).

Which is why this viral hack might be one for you.

TikToker Lauren (@lauren.clutter) has shared an ingenious time-saving hack which will allow you create over a week’s worth of sandwiches in one go.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

In the clip, Lauren demonstrates how she buys a packet of rolls, connected together as one, before cutting them open altogether and adding in the filling as though it’s just one large super-size sandwich.

Lauren makes 12 rolls, but we imagine you could use the same hack with a packet of 6, 9, or even 24 rolls. .

Lauren adds her fillings to the 12 sandwichesTikTok/lauren.clutter

After the bread is filled, the mum cuts them up into individual rolls, meaning she has enough for her child’s packed lunch for an entire week. They may even stretch to two weeks if the child is younger or has less of an appetite, or if the sandwiches are paired with another snack.

The TikToker advised how to store them: “You can either freeze them or refrigerate and grab out every day whenever you need to pack their lunch,” she said.

Although Lauren refers to school lunches, we can imagine this hack would also be handy for day trips, sleepovers, parties, barbecues – pretty much on any occasion where there is a lot of people.

The TikToker then bags up the sandwiches and puts them in the fridge, ready to pack in a lunch boxTikTok/lauren.clutter

Since uploading her meal prepping hack, Lauren’s video has 1.9m views, and over 135,000 likes, with hundreds of comments sharing their thoughts on the neat trick.

One person wrote: “Not just 1 but 2 of my kids go to school this year so I needed this!”

“Not me, a teacher, taking notes for my own lunch,” another person said.

Someone else added: “This is what I do for our kids and picnics and trips.”

“My kids aren’t at school yet but I’m gonna do this for our lunches for the week at home! Sometimes makes [sic] 3 meals a day plus 3 snacks is overwhelming,” a fourth person said.

You can watch the TikTok in full here.

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