Mum faces backlash after 9-year-old tells school friends Santa isn't real

Mum faces backlash after 9-year-old tells school friends Santa isn't real

A mother has faced backlash from other parents after her nine-year-old told other kids at school that Santa Claus isn't real.

The unnamed woman (we'll call her Jane for ease) turned to the popular parenting forum Mumsnet to seek advice on what to do next.

Jane started by telling users that a discussion was had in the playground among the kids about Santa's existence. It was then one of her children said he didn't.

The mother then received a message from a fellow parent accusing her child of spoiling the "magic of Christmas".

The parent said her children were distraught by the news and have been crying ever since. She told Jane she had to spend "a lot of time reassuring the kids" that Santa is, in fact, real and told Jane to have a word with her children to not discuss any further.

"My child found out about Santa from their older sibling, and wasn't too bothered by it," Jane added in the popular post. "I've said before that they should not talk about it with their friends, and when I asked them about this conversation, my child was absolutely gutted to have caused upset to others."

She then proceeded to ask fellow users how to respond as although she was "stunned" by the approach, she didn't want to cause any more conflict.

Hundreds of Mumsnet users flocked to the post, with one saying they'd simply send a laughing emoji. "They must be joking. Nine-year-olds are hardly unable to spot the disconnect," they wrote.

"To be honest, I'd just say I'm sorry this has happened," another advised, adding: "'I've had a word with them about not doing this again' – then don't think any more about it."

Meanwhile, a third added: "I could not take these people seriously and would avoid them like the plague. Hopefully, your kids will drift away from the friendship because surely the kids will turn out like their parents."

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