Sarah Palin's Zoom meeting hijacked by 'giant penis' drawing

Sarah Palin's Zoom meeting hijacked by 'giant penis' drawing
Sarah Palin's Zoom meeting hijacked by drawing of giant penis

In news that you really didn't expect to read today, former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin had a Zoom meeting that she was in hijacked by a drawing of a 'giant penis.'

Palin, the former governor of Alaska was speaking to local leaders in a forum held by the Native Peoples Action, an organised formed by indigenous people in Alaska.

However, while she was talking her screen got taken over by a rather crude drawing of a giant penis and testicles with a small person below the huge genitalia. There did seem to be a fluid emanating from the penis - we'll let you decide what that is.

Palin is initially speechless after seeing the image but then yelled: "Somebody is messing with us." One of the other participants on the call adds: "We’re getting Zoom-bombed," to which Palin says "Well, I don’t want to look at this stuff."

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Thankfully for Palin, the graphic drawing was soon removed and then someone on the call apologised. Palin assured them that it wasn't their fault: "It’s not your fault. It’s people who are not respecting the process."

However, as the 58-year-old was talking a voice interrupted her yelling expletives and saying: “I don’t know how you the f**k you come to my state.”

It has since been reported that the 'Zoom-bombing' was done by a prankster named James Anderson, who was identified and quickly removed from the call.

'Zoom-bombing' was highly prevalent at the start of the Covid pandemic in 2020 with numerous people and groups being taunted on the calls by anonymous pranksters who were able to gain access to the calls.

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