Scientists simulated how monkeys would sound if they could talk and it’s terrifying
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A TikTok video of how monkeys would sound if they could talk like humans is way more frightening than we expected.

Julia Ravey, a neuroscientist who goes by @juliaraveyscience on the platform, shared a video of what the monkeys would really sound like, as well as an explanation.

“Have you ever wondered what a monkey would sound like if it could talk? It’s actually quite distrubing,” Ravey said in the video.

She adds that monkey and human brains have similarities, but for a while, researchers believed that the monkeys couldn’t speak because their vocal chords weren’t as intricate as humans.

But that all changed in a 2016 study titled “Monkey vocal tracts are speech-ready into the monkeys” that discussed their vocal capabilities.

Check out the full video here.

“Monkeys vocal chords can make ‘similar sounds to’ all five vowel sounds. They have the capability to do that,” Ravey said.

But actually, the connections between the brain and the vocal chords mean they can’t make these sounds, she adds.

So, the researchers decided to make a computerized model of the monkeys' vocal tracks and asked the system to say, “will you marry me.”

And it sounded like an entity out of a horror movie.

People in the video comments were quick to point out the creepiness saying that they would now have trouble sleeping at night.

“Could they have picked a creepier sentence to sample, though?!” someone wrote.

“Oh.. a demon monkey. No thank you,” another added.

“So, I’m never sleeping again,” wrote a third.

A fourth jokingly wondered if the audio was sent as a proposal saying, “Omg, did the researcher send this to their partner as a proposal maybe?? Imagine.”

That would be something else.

Julia Ravey can also be found on YouTube and Instagram.

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